Monday, 9 January 2012

My first blog to the world!

Nice to meet you, or whatever one might say. I've created this blog, as I would like to share my thoughts with random strangers, or close friends, but on a.. Let's call it, more personal level. I've grown a little sick of how facebook works, getting more complicated for each day that passes.

Let me start by saying this: MY BLOGS WILL BE RANDOM. This will be key throughout everything I throw online. Ever. ;-)

Well, I guess I better get started on today's subject.
In brief, I finished high school a year and a half ago, and work part time at a local super market. Now, there isn't really anything wrong with that, but.. I guess I feel somethings missing. I don't want to be stuck there forever, but simultaneously I have absolutely no ambitions. My mum and my grandparents seem to be a bit.. keen on getting me through life. I guess I wouldn't mind the help, but I don't feel ready to get on with life quite yet either. I'm sure you'll think "Get your ass in gear boy", or "Pfft, I work 2 jobs, and have kids". or something like that. I just don't work that way, unfortunately, haha. I may seem spoilt, but I'm pretty sure I have the heart in the right place. In any case, I'm frustrated with life at the moment.

I have Bujinkan (you can call it Ninja) training in short 2 hours, and I know I'll probably get a few comments on the life/education side, but I'll have to manage. Did I mention how amazing Jason Segel's "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" is? Well, it's god damn awesome!
On top of that, Megaranger (a Super Sentai show from 1997) celebrates its' 15th Anniversary from February this year. I'll be celebrating, to stay tuned.

I think that's all for now. Thanks for reading!

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