Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A worksome day..

Good Morning Vietna.. Oh, wrong radio show.

Today consisted of work, work, mother and boyfriend fighting, training, and cat hurling on floor. Yay!
Well, not that much. I must admit, I feel like I'm getting my ass handed to me everytime I have training. And by a girl!! Okay, I don't care about the fact that it's a girl. Everything just hurts like hell. Is it the same for anyone else? I suppose I could keep it to myself, but I've always been rather verbal, and it kinda comes out as if I have no pain threshold. Which sucks.

I'm beginning to feel this is more of a diary, than anything else. Alright then.
I'm currently listening to the score from the "Green Lantern" movie. It's okay, but James Newton Howard is WAY better with Hanz Zimmer. No offence to the guy or his fans.
Work kinda sucked too. Wasn't much to do, and I got a bollocking from my boss for being honest. I'm sorry, but how does that work again?

My coach said, again today, that I should move out. I'm really considering it, but the first issue is money. In this world, no one gets anywhere without money =( Also, I would really not mind moving in with my girlfriend. I love her a lot, despite having only been with her for a short while. The other issue is her, living so far away. My mum's supportive of whatever I do, but she would prefer for me to stay on the island, much like my friends. I can see this from most point of views, and I'm therefor kinda in a dilemma. I guess part of me wishes she would like to move over here. Or, say fuck it, and move far away. LA, far away. Okay, California far away. So much sun, beaches, friends, awesome awesomeness, etc.

Why can't one just study Super Hero?
On that subject, I've been looking into different kind of "heroic" jobs. Fire brigade, the police force.. I feel I'm too vulnerable for those things though. Which pretty much goes against the whole super hero thing. Being powerful and all.

Today, I found out what Genki (japanese) means: Soul! That's just all kinds of funny, considering we have a local Danish convention called "GenkiCon". It really has nothing to do with that. At least in my opinion. About that, I was invited to be a cosplay judge! I'm really looking forward to it! It's also an honour to be asked, as it kind of implies I know a lot about it. We'll see how it goes though. Perhaps I disagree completely with the other judges. In any case, it'll be an experience, and I get to judge, while sitting in cosplay! Total win.

I recently got a hold of a dual screen wallpaper, of our beloved mother Earth. Everytime I 'windowsbutton-D" it, I can't help but get amazed at how beautiful she is. It puts thoughts into my head though, regarding how we treat our only home. At the current rate, things will look like they do in the tv-show "Terra Nova". It takes place in 2149, and the human race has more or less raped the planet for all its resources. It's a scary thought, and, at the rate it's going, true. If this concerns you, my dear reader, too, watch the movie "Home". An A-M-A-Z-I-N-G watch!

After I got home from work today, I started watching some gameplay of Robin, in Arkham City. It makes me want to train more with the han-bo at Ninja. We did do a bit of bo(staff) training today, but I just prefer that half-sized little guy. It also reminds me I need to somehow get a hold or an aluminum pole for that Robin costume.
I also thought about getting materials together, with the girl friend, so we could start sculpting, molding and casting our own masks, prosthetics, etc. It'll save us a lot of money in the long run, instead of having to commission others to do it. My inner creative soul wants to get that stuff done!

Wow, that was a lot. My thoughts have been all over the place today.
'til next time!

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