Monday, 27 August 2012

To David Yost

Dear David Yost,

First off, I'm not really sure where to start. Finding out you were going to attend Power Morphicon 2012, was one of the main reasons I wanted to attend this year. Sadly, funds could not support it either, but that's why I sincerely hope you will be able to make it to the next one in two years time.

Now, onto my reason for writing this open letter to you.

We should really start at the beginning for me: I first saw you as the Blue ranger at age 6, and was immediately attracted to the "nerdy'ness" your character, Billy, possessed. He was a help for me personally, through most of primary and secondary (Junior High) school, as I never felt quite in with the in-crowd. Or many years I felt alone, and like I didn't fit in, in any way whatsoever, but when I came home, I could enjoy the adventures of the rangers (on something as old school as VHS!). What I want to say with this is simply, thank you! For being there for me, as well as SO many others, when we felt down.
When I heard No Pink Spandex had done an interview with you 2 years ago, I had to watch it. I didn't know where you'd been for all these years, apart from a few random wikipedia articles.

My heart broke for you, and I was frankly shocked by what you had been through, on set as well as in your private life.
I'm not personally gay, but I have friends who are, and I don't see them as any less of a human, than myself. The fact that you stood by who you were, even during those times where being homosexual was more of an issue for some, than it is today, fills my heart with hope. I'm not sure how to express this properly, but you are an inspiration, to me personally, always have been, and always will be. I hope you continue to do what you believe in your heart is right, and just keep being morphin'!

Your fan from Denmark,

Oliver Mansfield