Thursday, 15 November 2012

Dumping and dumpee.

What a strange day.
Well, another strange day, on top of my past 2 strange days. I recently broke up with my girlfriend, and I've been trying to move on, and Iknow she's found it difficult to do just that. I've tried to take a distance to her, but she's not been taking it well. And I guess I can't blame her. This whole break-up has been a bit of an unusual one for me though. My normal tendency is to cut all contact with the ex, but this time, I didn't feel like that's what I needed to do. Also because I didn't want to. I still care alot for her, but I don't wish to be together with her anymore. Not right now at least. Maybe it'll change down the road - to one or the other side - but right now I know what's right for me - and that's being on my own.
Today, she sent me a text, saying she was going to try and move on. And said goodbye. Normally, I'd be over the clouds. But I'm not. I want to be friends with her, but because I view her as my ex, it's difficult to be "just friends" with her, as long as she wants to discuss everything we did when we were together. That's one of the main reasons for breaking up with her in the first place - the fighting. I think she doesn't understand I need some time to get my head back into the swing of things. As long as she's been trying maintain things the way they were, it pushed me away, because it was not how I wanted it to be.

The amount of different feelings that I've had to deal with over the past few weeks have been.. overwhelming. 2 days ago, there was a conflict with a friend, yesterday that was sorted. Now this thing with my ex today.. The lidt goes on. I'm not trying to get you to pity me, just letting you in on my thoughts.
It hurt, but I guess it's time to move onwards and upwards.

On a different front, I have just over a month left before schools out for good, and that means i can get started with my own business! I'm going to start a little prop-webshop. I'll start small, and hopefully it'll come off the ground sooner rather than later. My list of materials is pricey, but i hope to purchase everything I need at the beginning of next month. Means I can get started, and hopefully have my first few pulls ready within a few days. I need to know what people would be interested in though. I think I'll have to start in small scale, with belts and small props like that. I'll be buying urethane though, so i should be able to make some face masks! I have a few in mind I really want to do, but I'll keep that as a surprise for now. Need to get some face casts done first though!

Until next time, stay positive!